Carmen Marelis Cosajay

I walked into the school to get information to begin class in 2020. From the moment I walked in the staff was very helpful and I decided to start school in November of 2019 instead. The person helping me worked with my financial needs and they worked out a payment plan that was perfect for me. From getting my books and signing all the papers they made it so easy and comfortable. My first day of school was the best part! There I was excited to wear scrubs for the first time with a huge smile on my face but full of fear and doubts inside for what was to come. I walked into my classrooms and I felt comforted, because here I was sitting down in a room full of people with different backgrounds, different stories, some had kids, some where just getting out of high school, but we all had the same goal! To become someone in the medical field and to become better people for ourselves and for our families. 

That is exactly what I got out of my program! I looked into sterile processing right after high school when this school was in a little building, but I couldn’t enroll because of my legal status. I became a DACA recipient after a few years and I knew I had to come back to this school. Sterile processing stood out to me because I’m very detailed orientated and I being cleaning houses for years! During my class time I struggled a lot with finding a balance with my outside life. From Volunteering at my church, being a wife, and managing my own business and schedule was very hard for me. Thankfully I had a great teacher that spoke to me about prioritizing school. My teacher Kristyne always encouraged me to study and stay on top of my school work before anything else! She was right! Its only a few months. Our program consisted of four great people around us and each one of us learned a little from all of our teachers and instructors they each carry a very important role in our learning and development.  We also had this very helpful book that talked to us about mastering the attitude of success which had very interesting topics like flexibility, achieving goals, and decision making process which in my opinion it prepared us more than any other medical school would take the time to teach their students. Within a week from ending our program we got hit with the COVID 19 shut down, but our instructors were very helpful and tried their best to adapt to this new experience. So the doubts and fears we feel will always be there when starting a new program like this, but at the end you will be surprised on how well you can overcome those feelings and come out encouraged and very well trained for the field you decide to work in. CCMCC over prepared us for our field and for real life situations and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.